Cool News

  • July 1st, 2014
    Happy Summer!

  • summertime hiatus:}
  • we are proudly taking a 3 month T-shirt
  • summer break on all web T-shirt
  • production...production orders will resume
  • in October...let's go camping, let's feel the
  • summer sunshine, let's taste the salt in
  • the beautiful ocean...let's be simple and
  • enjoy life...

  • All current orders and TSOTMC orders
  • will continue to ship out the week of
  • June 1st till your order has shipped and
  • is compete...

  • Where you can still find us...

  • Summer Shows:
  • every other Saturday - Little Itally, San Diego- Farmers Market
  • Sundays - Hillcrest, San Diego- Farmers Market (DTBA) Rotating

  • more to come...

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